Refusing the TV "Set Baby" charging Guangdong and Television Network TV Interface Upgrade Adjustment

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In order to actively respond to the latest requirements of the State Administration of Radio and Television on governing TV "Set Was",实时新闻 Guangdong Radio and Television Network further optimized and upgraded from the three aspects of viewing pages, column charges, and content operations according to user opinions and suggestions.

According to reports, the Guangdong Radio and Television Network upgraded the TV interface and entered the CCTV-1 live channel by default.Users can independently set up on the "boot mode" in the top of the page at the top of the page to enter the full -screen live broadcast or enter the interactive homepage.The homepage navigation column defaults to the "free zone", "paid single film" and "application center" in the "Watching TV" column, and sorted it according to the type of partition.Users who have ordered value-added applications in the past can be found in "Application Center-All Applications". After downloading, you can quickly enter the viewing in the status bar "My App"."Paid Single", "Film and Television", "Children" and other paid columns can be set and identified in the navigation column. There is only one charging product in each column.

He Caiying, a salesperson of the Jiangmen Radio and Television Network Zhongtian Business Office, said: "At present, the Jiangmen Radio and Television Network has upgraded the TV interface of the city's network set -top box in accordance with the requirements of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television.At a glance, the charging behavior is more standardized and transparent. "

This upgrade also optimizes user ordering information. Users can clearly check the product information and all charging information through the "order information" entrance. The automatic renewal service needs to be confirmed twice to support the cancellation of the automatic renewal service.The original "New Film Drahe" area was upgraded to the "Paid Single Single" column, and the paid single -piece film can be repeatedly watched from 5 days to 7 days.In addition, the "e -sports", "sports" and "music" column have been added to take care of different interests and hobbies of family members.Segment multiple classification entrances under each column to find more accurate.At present, the Guangdong Radio and Television Network can watch more than 200 TV channels.

Citizens like this upgrade.Citizen Ms. Feng said: "After the upgrade, there are a lot of free on -demand content. As soon as you turn on the TV, you can directly enter the live interface. You can also adjust the platform for the elderly."What is the problem, the staff will soon come to help me solve it. "

In order to further facilitate the use of the masses, the Guangdong Radio and Television Network has recently carried out special activities for "radio and television services into the community" in various communities in the city.The staff answered, demonstrated, and on -site to guide the convenient use of TV, and sent relevant leaflets and manuals to allow the masses to understand the content and services of "TV services into the community" at home in time.If the user encounters a problem, you can call the customer service hotline 96956 for consultation.

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