The Korean women's basketball team collapsed!Witness the crazy celebration in South Korea, unwilling to look at the Asian Games medal broadcast article

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In the three or four finals of the Hangzhou Asian Games Women's Basketball Team,First-line information website North Korea was led by the South Korean team and continued to open its advantage by the South Korean team. In the end, the score was defeated.And emotional loss.

It is worth mentioning that Park Jillo, a 2 -meter 05 -meter center in the semi -finals, finally appeared on the list of the Korean women's basketball team, but she was still affected by a certain amount of injuries.The role of A is extremely obvious, and the first quarter scored 8 points.

Her teammates also achieved many times with her inner restraint, led by 21 to 15 in the first quarter.In the second quarter, the Korean women's basketball team desperately chased the points. The two teams played quite well. The North Korean team's mistakes began to increase. The score gradually was driven by the opponent. In the end, the South Korean team led 7 points. The situation appeared huge.reverse.

In the second half, the Korean women's basketball team could not keep up. In the third quarter, the opponent had a small climax. The difference has been widening to 17 points. With the opening of the Korean team in the fourth quarter, a three -pointer was opened, and the gap was 20 points.In this way, the Korean women's basketball team has been weak. In the end, in the first quarter, it was reversed by South Korea ’s scores and ranked fourth to witness the Korean team to get the bronze medal. The Korean girls were very unwilling.

Especially in the last quarter, the South Korean team almost pulled the gap to 40 points. The Korean player's mentality collapsed. The head coach repeatedly requested a suspension and kept shouting to inspire. I hope that the disciples can forget the score gap and go all out.

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