2: 1! 11 billion Emperor Star Break the record Kane's unsolved world wave Bayern was still thrown away by the Real Madrid Legend

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In the last round of the direct confrontation with Stuttgart, Kane's plum opened twice to help the Nanda score 3 points.Before the Christmas holiday came, the Bundesliga launched all the 16th round of the game. Bayern came to the away game against Wolfsburg. Mueller completed the assists and dual sounds.Bobo, Bayern 2: 1 took away victory, the perfect ending in 2023.

Wolfsburg's coach is Korivic, who had coached Bayern. Under his leadership, Wolfsburg's results were undulating, and before the game, it was only in the standings in the standings.作为在冬歇期前的最后一场比赛,图赫尔这场比赛以不变应万变排出与上一场同样的cheap new balance 327首发阵容:诺伊尔镇守龙门;莱默尔、于帕梅卡诺、best replica yeezy 700 v3Kim Kim, Afangso Davis lined up on the back line; the teenager Pavrovich and Greiro formed a double waist; Sane, Muller, Mu Xiala and Kane partnered in the frontcourt offensive combination.

Because the game was carried out in the rain, both sides were mainly cautious after the opening, and did not create any decent opportunity. Jin Yan and Kane had tried to shoot two times to deviate from the goal; in the 23rd minute, Sane's free kick directly attacked the goal directly goal., Castlez confiscated the ball; in the 32nd minute, Sane shot a long shot from a long shot, and then Mueller nodded the ball to hit the beam.

In the 33rd minute,At the right side of Pamekano, Mueller was observed with a left -footed cross, and Mu Xia La scratched a header and attacked the goal. Since the distance was too close, Castols had no choice, 1: 0IntersectionBayern first took the lead. This game was the 100th game of Mu Xia La in the Bundesliga. The German star who was only 20 years old and 297 days and had reached 110 million also became the youngest Mr. Bayern's history.

In the 43rd minute,Mueller was inserted from the rib on the right side of the rib to get rid of the ribs. He watched the three defensive players in front of the top of Kane's arc.Kane scored the 21st Bundesliga goals in the season, plus 7 league assists, Kane made 28 goals in the Bundesliga for half a season.The number of goals in Eun's annual score also reached the 52nd goal.However, in the case of 2 goals, Bayern was relaxed,Before the end of the halftime, Merler inserted the pass from the left to get rid of the defense, and Arnold shot a long shot from the periphery, 2: 1!

In the 57th minute in the second half, Royolo forcibly broke through Lymier on the left and used the rhythm change into the penalty area.In minutes, Kim Jie directly knocked down the offensive player in the penalty area. The referee signaled that there was no foul, which also caused dissatisfaction among Kovac and many Wolfsburg players. Then Tuchl adjusted, Derricht, who returned from the injury, appeared.Mueller, who assists Mei Kai, was removed.

In the 73rd minute, nodded the ball in front of Pamecano, and Kane stopped the right foot hook on the back of the back of the back of Kane.Bayern lacked a passing player in the frontcourt, which also led to fewer offensive opportunities in the second half of the Nanda King. Instead, Kovac has continuously put pressure on Bayern's backline through substitutions, but the frontcourt offensive players seize the opportunity, but they failed to fail.Through the goal of Neuer again.

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