Shanghai will start "counting nine cold days" tomorrow. The coldest moment is here. The lowest in the urban area is only minus 4 ° C and the suburbs minus 7 ° C

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Today (21st),°Candthesuburbsminus°高速资讯 it fell into a quick -frozen refrigerator, and the whole weather temperature was below the freezing point.Some netizens said, "Today is the coldest day", it is obviously too naive and will be colder tomorrow morning.

Due to the control of the air -conditioning group, the superimposed radiation cooling effect is expected to be below minus 4 ° C in the urban area of Shanghai in the early morning, and there are frozen. The suburbs are minus 7 ° C to minus 5 ° C.During the day, it is clear to cloudy, and the maximum temperature can rise slowly to 1 ° C.

Tomorrow, Shanghai enters the "Winter Solstice" in the twenty -four solar terms, and will start "counting nine cold days".Faced with one of the solar terms with the most cold warnings throughout the year, the thickest clothes have to continue to wear.

This weekend, Shanghai is clear to cloudy, but the sun is still just a furnishings. The lowest temperature is still below the freezing point. The temperature will rise slowly during the day. The highest temperature on Sunday is around 7 ° C.The temperature in the countryside is lower than that of the urban area. Pay more attention to warmth in the winter solstice sacrifice.

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