Shanghai Network Information Office: Anti -network storm requires platforms, netizens, legislation, supervision, etc. to form a joint force

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In recent years,Latest information website the Internet irritability cannot be underestimated, and the Internet violence has often occurred, allowing the whole society to have a deep disgusting online violence.

On December 16, under the guidance of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee's Internet Information Office, the Anti -Cyber Violence Forum hosted by the Shanghai Internet Industry Federation and hosted by the surging news was successfully held.The theme of this forum is "Anti -Net Storm, Controls the Ethics -Together with the Harmony and Harmony Network Space".Participating in the forum are the network management departments, media, website platforms, college institutions, etc., all parties play an important role in the process of anti -network storm management, and jointly co -operates for the "protective network of cyber violence governance".

In the forum, the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Network Information Office stated that the governance of cyber violence and the network suffering for a long time.It is necessary to effectively prevent and solve the problem of cyber violence and eliminate cyber violence. It is necessary to form joint efforts such as platforms, netizens, legislation, law enforcement, and supervision, and to focus on co -management in order to build a wind and clear network environment.

Common manifestations of Internet storms

The first is personal attack.For example, in 2022, Zheng Linghua, a graduate student of East China Normal University, showed his grandfather on the bed to show his notice to send graduate students, and made this scene into a video and published it on the Internet.Unexpectedly, some netizens used evil words, abuse, slander, humiliation and other methods to attack her personal attacks.The reason for all this was because she was stained with pink hair.In the end, Zheng Linghua committed suicide due to depression 7 months after being storm.

The second is to infringe privacy and personal information.For example, in 2021, a 15 -year -old boy Liu Xuezhou was looking for relatives. Some netizens doubted his motivation and questioned the authenticity of his relatives.Subsequently, some "self -media" accounts used the "Title Party" and emotional incitement to scold them and searches for human flesh, which further spread online violence.In the end, Liu Xuezhou was also killed by Internet storms.

The third is to degrade discrimination, publish gender discrimination and sexual harassment.For example, this year, a primary school student in Wuhan was hit and crushed to death. When the child's mother Ms. Yang came forward to defend her rights and mourn, a large number of malicious comments began to appear on the Internet.The child's mother and other relatives lose the pain of their family.Cyber violence caused huge mental stress and physical and mental injury to the child's mother, which eventually led her to choose to commit suicide.

The fourth is to spread false information and rumors.For example, during the National Day this year, the loss of girls in Shanghai 4 -year -old on the beach caused the attention of the entire network. Due to the tragedy caused by their father's supervision, some netizens and the "self -media" account spread "the loss of girls who had been discarded", "lost the girl's father as the stepfather as the stepfather."Waiting for remarks, even the processing theory of the processing, triggering personal attacks and rumors.Some "self -media" make rumors and rumors, deliberately provoking the emotions of netizens, seriously disrupting public order, and causing bad social impact.

The focus of network violence governance

The Shanghai Municipal Party Committee's Network Information Office proposed that comprehensive governance of cyber violence requires government departments, platform enterprises, media institutions, and public parties to participate.Among them, government departments assume responsibility for supervision in accordance with law in cyber violence governance; Internet platforms are on the front line of cyber violence prevention and control, and the main responsibilities of direct governance shall be held; mainstream media shall follow media ethics and bear media responsibilities;Platform rules, etc., improve media literacy, and actively participate in the governance of cyber storms.

First, build a "platform dam" and compact the main responsibility of the network platform.In November 2022, the Central Cyberspace Office issued the "Notice on Effectively Strengthening the Governance of Network violence", which clearly proposed to establish and improve the prevention mechanism of cyber violence, strengthen the protection of online violence, strictly prevent online violence information spread, and strictly disposal according to law.Punishment.In July 2023, the National Internet Information Office shall publicly solicit opinions from the society on the "Regulations on the Governance of Cyber violence information (draft).The notification is rising to rules.In the draft of the solicitation, the network service provider, that is, the Internet platform has put forward clearer and higher requirements.Not only has more detailed regulations on cyber violence information monitoring and early warning, disposal, and protection mechanism, but also emphasize supervision management and legal responsibility.In order to further strengthen the source of "cyber violence", as the first responsible subject of information content management, Internet platforms need to build a full -chain and comprehensive cyber violence prevention system that is ahead of time, in the event, and afterwards.

Second, give full play to the linkage and linkage, and the regulatory authorities continue to increase governance.To curb online violence requires multi -party coordination to form a joint force.In the process of governance, the Central Cyberspace Office clarified the specific work requirements of the Internet information departments from the local information departments from the aspects of improving ideological awareness and strengthening long -term governance.The online information department must build and improve work mechanisms such as information sharing, business notifications, evidence collection, and case supervision in conjunction with relevant departments to cooperate with the management of cyber violence information.Each regulatory authorities should play a leading role, make good use of the sufficient tools provided by the existing laws and regulations, continuously refine the responsibility of the Internet platform, strengthen the supervision of information content, and build a multi -party collaboration, classification and classification, and full -chain -closed anti -network violence governance.model.

Third, use the law as an instrument, and use the rule of law and the sword to severely punish cyber violence.The Internet is not a place outside the law.In September this year, the Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, and the Ministry of Public Security jointly released the "Guiding Opinions on Punitting the Criminals of violations of cyber violent violations in accordance with the law", which clearly created and spread rumors on the information network.The behavior of blatantly insulted others was severely punished in accordance with the law, and the opinions were publicly solicited to release a strong signal that severely punished cyber violations of cyber violations in accordance with the law.At the same time, the "Guidance Opinions" stipulates that five categories are punished and punished, focusing on cracking down on malicious sponsor, organizer, malicious push -to -the -artist, and those who have repeatedly taught without changes, and effectively correct the error tendency of "law and not blame the public".This is another heavy combination of regulatory departments on cyber violence, which shows the determination of various departments' determination to say about cyber violence and punish illegal crimes in accordance with the law.

Fourth, cultivate network civilization, and the whole society has formed a good new Internet fashion.

The majority of netizens are the main forces of network space governance. They restrict the guidance of online remarks on the law, civilization, and rational expression of the Internet, and continuously cultivate netizens' network ethics, network ethics, and network literacy.Essence

Related measures from Shanghai Internet Information Office

The Shanghai Municipal Party Committee's Cyberspace Office has been committed to coordinating the promotion of cyber violence management, strengthening the coordinated linkage with the management department of the network, and guiding the supervision of the main responsibilities of the local website platform, and preventing the network space from being a garbage dump that is full of violence and suffering.

The first is to establish a "rumor accountability mechanism" to increase punishment.The Shanghai Municipal Party Committee's Internet Information Office explores the establishment of an online rumor "discovery -verification -rumor -disposal -exposure" mechanism.For example, combined with "Shanghai Beach's Lost Girls' Disclosure", "Alibaba Blood Donation Incident", "Qingpu Kindergarten Teacher Prostitution", "Shanghai Gucun Park has a lightning strike" and other malicious rumors, in -depth digging of malicious violations of "self -media",Increase strikes, publicly exposed warnings, and have a strong deterrent effect on illegal and illegal operations.

The second is to carry out special actions of the "clear" series to continue to purify the online public opinion environment.In April 2022, the "Special Governance Action for Clear and Network Violence", focusing on 18 website platforms that focus on cyber violence and have great social influence, through establishing and improving monitoring identification, real -time protection, intervention disposal, traceability accountability, publicity, publicity, publicity, publicityExposure and other measures are performed for full -chain governance.The Shanghai Municipal Party Committee's Internet Information Office guidance of the key platform for territory establish and improve the network violence identification and early warning mechanism and real -time protection mechanism of the parties. Many platforms have issued a manual of the anti -online violence guide.Help netizens quickly and effectively prevent the infringement of the Internet, advocate civilized access to the Internet, express rational expression, and build a good network ecology together.

In November 2023, Shanghai launched a special operation of "Clear Pujiang · Networks", which seriously hit 7 problems such as "online toilet", "opening the box and hanging people", stigmatized specific groups, and incite regional opposition.EssenceA number of online platforms have released the progress of the governance of network anger behaviors and responded to the online information departments to carry out special actions.The special action clarifies the nature of such behavior and shows the attitude of heavy boxing governance.

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