Shanghai Songjiang Deepening "Four Hundred" visits

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     Newspaper reporter Qiu Aiquan reported "to implement the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference in depth,Emergency website urgent, facing difficulties, solidity, hard work, aiming at the world's advanced science and technology innovation capabilities and industrial systems, enhancing high -quality development resistance fluctuationsThe toughness and core competitiveness, the brave as the pioneer of technology and industrial innovation. "Recently, Cheng Xiangmin, the secretary of the Shanghai Songjiang District Committee of Shanghai, said in a visit to the company and conducted a" four hundred "visits that he must listen to the opinions of the company and understand the opinions of the company.Enterprise needs, solidly promote theme education, deeply practical, and effective.
    Cheng Xiangmin and his party came to Shanghai Junyi Industrial Automation Company to communicate with the person in charge of the enterprise, listen to the introduction of the company's production and operation and development process, understand the progress of enterprises in terms of scientific and technological achievements, school -enterprise cooperation and other aspects. Ask the current difficulties that need to be resolved in the current development.question.
    It is understood that Shanghai Junyi Industrial Automation Company was established in 2009. The production and R & D center located in Dongjing Town, Songjiang District has a plant and office area of 34,000 square meters.A number of professional R & D test centers such as stacking all -in -one laboratory.The main products are automotive power battery modules and PACK intelligent assembly production lines, all aluminum battery tray welding production lines.Special New "SMEs and so on.
    Cheng Xiangmin emphasized that advanced manufacturing is an important support for the real economy. The private economy is the main force of the economic development of Songjiang. It is necessary to be the pioneer of science and technology and industrial innovation.Toughness and core competitiveness, play the role of "leading geese" in key enterprises, continue to increase research and development investment, and build an international competitive industrial cluster.
    Cheng Xiangmin said that it is necessary to deepen the Yangtze River Delta G60 Science and Technology Corridor Science and Technology Ecological Declaration and build a science and technology ecology with continuous science and technology power.It is necessary to continue to build a first -class business environment in marketization, rule of law, and internationalization, further strengthen policy focus, accurately docking demand, optimize service methods, and strengthen the primary tasks of high -quality development to focus on high -quality development.The private economy is bigger and better, and better serve the high -quality development of the Yangtze River Delta G60 Science and Technology Corridor.
    The reporter Bao Xiaolan reported that intellectual property rights are the protection of innovation results, and an important measure to encourage innovation and inspire creativity.Recently, the 20th Shanghai Intellectual Property International Forum Sub -Forum and the 3rd Yangtze River Delta G60 Science and Technology Corridor Intellectual Property Forum with the theme of "Digital Science and Technology Innovation and Intellectual Property Protection" were held in Songjiang, Shanghai.
    The forum aims to explore the digital intellectual property protection system, further play an institutional role of intellectual property to help cultivate the development of new momentum and promote the creation of a new advantage in the digital economy.Quality development.
    At the opening ceremony, the "Research Report on the Patented Economy Industry Patent Development of the Yangtze River Delta G60 Science and Technology Corridor" will be released, which will provide decision -making support for the patented of the digital economy industrial industrial industry and the effective use of intellectual property in the Yangtze River Delta G60 Science and Technology Corridor.The "Report" shows that since the construction of the G60 Science and Technology Corridor, the number of patents in the digital economy industry has grown rapidly. From the 7 years from 2016 to 2022, the total number of relevant patent applications increased from 5890 to 34,396, and the total patent authorization increased nearly nearly nearly nearly.6 times.
    In 2021, at the first Yangtze River Delta G60 Science and Technology Corridor Intellectual Property Forum, the country's first intellectual property cross -regional administrative protection center -the Yangtze River Delta G60 Science and Technology Corridor Intellectual Property Protection Cooperation Center was officially established and put into physical operation. It is clearThe construction tasks such as "establishing an intellectual property coordination protection mechanism and establishing a regional linkage intellectual property protection mechanism with rapid review, fast confirmation, and fast rights protection".
    In the past two years, under the cooperation of the Jiucheng Intellectual Property Bureau, the center has established a normalized negotiation mechanism and promoted cross -regional administrative law enforcement linkage.In order to be "Top Ten Top Ten Top Ten Cases of Shanghai Intellectual Property Reform Innovation and Innovation Work in 2021", the "Yangtze River Delta G60 Science and Technology Corridor Intellectual Property Administrative Law Enforcement Cooperation" was evaluated by the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee as a "Outstanding Project of the Law of the Law of 2022" in accordance with the rule of law.In 2023, the center formulated and implemented the "Several Opinions on the Cooperation of the Administrative Law Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights of the Yangtze River Delta G60 Science and Technology Corridor", and established a green channel for cooperation of intellectual property infringement cases to effectively shorten the time limit of the case co -organizing; determine the second batch of Yangtze River Delta G60 science and technology innovationFor key trademark protection list in the corridor, a total of 188 registered trademarks in Jiucheng are included in the list.
    In recent years, the Yangtze River Delta G60 Science and Technology Corridor Nine Cities have played a market scale advantage, the advantages of innovation elements, high -level open advantages, seized new opportunities for digital development, and the layout of digital infrastructure construction, the improvement of digital industry innovation capabilities, industrial digital transformation, and digital industryPublic service digitization has achieved positive results.
    At the opening ceremony, the Yangtze River Delta G60 Science and Technology Corridor Digital Industry Intellectual Property Alliance, Shanghai Songjiang District Intellectual Property Protection Center, "Songjiang Rice" geographical indicator approved use unit, and the Shanghai patent navigation service base in 2023.Shanghai Songjiang Tencent Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. is the chairman of the President of the Intellectual Property Alliance of Digital Industry Intellectual Property, G60 Science and Technology Corridor of the Yangtze River Delta.Exchange and cooperation of intellectual property resources.
    Songjiang officially established the "Shanghai Songjiang District Intellectual Property Protection Center", which will carry out the business of intellectual property disputes, rights protection assistance, assistance to law enforcement, operational services and other businesses, and strive to obtain the authorization of the National Intellectual Property Office to carry out patent pre -trial, fast confirmation and other tasks as soon as possible, Help the high -quality development of enterprises in Songjiang District.
    In order to encourage enterprises to transfer patents from colleges and universities, reduce research and development costs, and superimposed intellectual property financial services to encourage intellectual property operations, a number of Patent transfer permit projects of Donghua University and Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology, Songjiang "patent supermarket" patent transfer license project andPatent transfer insurance and pledge financing projects were signed respectively.
    According to the newspaper, a reporter from Zhu Junhui reported that recently, the central group of the Songjiang District Committee of Shanghai held a study meeting with the theme of "learning orthopedics and keeping clean".Cheng Xiangmin, Secretary of the Songjiang District Party Committee, emphasized that the second batch of theme education was close to the finals when he presided over the meeting. It is necessary to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's inspection of Shanghai's important speech.It is unswerving to promote the comprehensive and strict governance of the party, and continuously meet the people's longing for a better life with practical achievements.
    Cheng Xiangmin pointed out that it is necessary to grasp the essence of learning the righteousness and unswervingly promote the comprehensive and strict governance of the party.It is necessary to thoroughly study and implement the important discussion spirit of General Secretary Jinping's comprehensive and strict governance of the party and the decision -making arrangements of the Party Central Committee.The main tone has been persisted for a long time, and deeply studied the valuable experience and fine traditions formed by the century -old struggle of the Communist Party of China."Half of the article", the clues of related issues are checked in the end, verified items one by one, and not rectified and sold, and promoted the comprehensive and strict development of the party to develop in depth.
    Cheng Xiangmin emphasized that we must always keep in mind that Jiangshan is the people and the people, and the people are Jiangshan.Facing the current severe and complex economic situation and challenges, we must grasp the initiative of high -quality development in the inverse environment, keep in mind the "three must", adhere to the strict style, real measures, and state of fighting.The word is the first, "dry", and continuously meets the people's longing for a better life with practical achievements.
    At the meeting, the participating leaders collectively watched the video "always rest assured that the concern -General Secretary Xi Jinping's recovery of reconstruction work after investigation in Beijing Hebei" and "One to promote the construction of work style".
Reporter of Liangfeng News | Qiu Aiquan

    Recently, the results of the review results of excellent business environment in various districts in Shanghai were released in 2023. The market supervision bureaus of Songjiang District was on the list of “the city’ s first, mild fault tolerance, humble suppression of law enforcement, and 'four clear orders to maintain a first -class business environment ”.
    "'Four Clear Singles' is a useful attempt to explore the establishment of a flexible law enforcement mechanism in Songjiang District Market Supervision Bureau, and it is also a powerful measure that stimulates the vitality of the business subject. It is also an important achievement in the optimized regional business environment of Songjiang District.People say.
    In recent years, the Market Supervision Bureau of Songjiang District has attached great importance to optimizing the business environment, and has taken the lead in establishing a "four liquidation" tolerance in Shanghai in Shanghai to establish a "four liquidation list" with a "free penalty list+no compulsory measures+no case list+no on -site inspection list".The new model of law enforcement is carefully supervised, and under the premise of legitimate premise, we will strive to tap the fault -tolerant space, strictly adhere to the safety bottom line, and do not need to disturb the enterprise, care for the growth vitality of the business entity, and protect the high -quality development of private enterprises.As of now, the Songjiang District Market Supervision Bureau has been exempted from punishment for more than 963 illegal acts of more than 800 business entities, and no compulsory measures for 354 violations and regulations.
    In March of this year, the Citizen of the Pugang Market Supervision Office complained to report a company, reflecting that the "egg yolk" products they produced were suspected of being labeled with false production date and requested investigation and punishment.After a comprehensive investigation of the Ganggang Market Supervision Institute, it is obvious that the enterprise is obviously negligent that the order of the date is reversed. Considering that the company's first violation of the law and the harmful consequences, the Songjiang District Market Supervision Bureau finally made a decision to not punish.
    At the same time, in accordance with the idea of leniency and strict law enforcement, illegal acts that destroy the business environment, the Market Supervision Bureau of Songjiang District insisted on "strictly beating" and investigated a series of cases of violations of business secrets.A company's violation of the business secret case was rated as the "Anti -Unfair Competition Law for the implementation of the top ten administrative law enforcement cases in 30 years" by the General Administration of Market Supervision.Investment in China.In addition, a natural person's violation of commercial secrets was rated as "the first batch of typical cases of business secrets in the Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau in 2023".
    In 2022, the Songjiang District Market Supervision Bureau pioneered the "List of Illegal Behaviors that can not be paid to the case" in the Shanghai market supervision system. It has now been introduced.Refined explanation.Among them, 30 items of "significant mild categories" are included, such as the establishment of the service logo is not significant; the "first illegal category" is 22, such as the use of absolute words in advertisements;, Selling unsatisfactory behavior of pre -packaged food.As of now, the Songjiang District Market Supervision Bureau has not been able to make a case on 247 significant minor violations.
    In April of this year, the Law Enforcement Brigade of the Songjiang District Market Supervision Bureau found that in 2019, Caiji Food opened the official website in 2019, and published two related information on the webpage after collecting the actual income case of franchisees.After that, the website was "forgotten."According to the background data analysis, Caiji Company released a webpage with franchisees' income information for almost four years, and has not been visited by the dealer.The law enforcement brigade understands the case in depth, and submitted the handling of "cautious tolerance, exempting administrative penalties" and obtained by the case review of the Songjiang District Market Supervision Bureau and obtained it.
    On October 18 this year, the Songjiang District Market Supervision Bureau once again pioneered the "List of illegal Acts that can not be inspected on -site inspections" in Shanghai, including illegal facts that can be obtained through network evidence, upstream illegal acts have been verified, repeated reports, and other departments are transferred.For details, a total of 38 items.
    For illegal acts that can master solid evidence without on -site inspections, while "No on -site inspection list" indicates the application situation, law enforcement personnel are required to use sufficient use of non -on -site supervision methods to minimize the disturbance of the normal operation of the enterprise.Realize less disturbance, more accurate investigation, and better service.For serious violations of laws that must be inspected on the spot, insist on "entering one door and investigating multiple things", effectively reduce the burden on the enterprise, and form an atmosphere for enterprises to develop their intentions.
    The "Four Lights" model runs flexible law enforcement throughout the entire process of administrative law enforcement, marking that the Songjiang District Market Supervision Bureau tolerates prudent supervision to a new level.
    Reporter Li Yubo reporter Qiu Aiquan reported that in the third quarter of this year, 46 people were introduced in the third quarter, 37 residents transferred to households, 16 students settled in students, 384 talent points in G60 ... Shanghai Songjiang Economic Development District Talent Service Station (point)Since the establishment of the month, it is committed to providing "one -stop" convenient services such as policy consulting, public employment, talent service, subsidy application, etc. for high -level talents, industrial talents, and build a comprehensive, full -chain talent service system to promote talents to promote talents.The service extends to the grassroots and the enterprise.Up to now, Songjiang District has set up 20 people's service stations and 48 individual service points to form a "district talent service center -street town park talent service station -key enterprise service point" three -level talent service network to open up the service company's talent "The last 100 meters.
    The Laoshan Talent Service Station opened at the end of July 2022 was Songjiang's first talent service station. Later, the G60 brain intelligence innovation base, G60 Laoshan Zhiyuan Garden, and Fengchuang Zhihui party mass service station only set up three individual service points.The "1+3" Talent Service Station (point) model provides convenience for solving the problem of the urgency of enterprises and talents. The business of talent settlement and residence permit points has increased geometrically.
    In less than a year, 18 street towns (industrial zones) in Songjiang District achieved full coverage of talent service stations (points)."Through the establishment of a talent service station (point), move the talent service from the office hall to the talent, open up the service talent 'last 100 meters', and truly realize the" where the talent is, the service extend to "." Songjiang District Talent Service CenterRelevant person in charge said.
    Songjiang District also established a 377 "Talent Store Primary Second" team to help 2,982 companies in the region have identified as key support enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta G60 Science and Technology Corridor, incorporating 18,641 people into the talent service system.Since the construction of the Talent Service Station (point), Songjiang District has organized 417 activities such as policy preaching, talent salon, entrepreneurial guidance, financing services, friends and friendship, and participating in 1,4508 talents.There are 668 issues.
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