The 5th anniversary of the establishment of the Shanghai Branch of CITIC Bank Shanghai Branch -they interpret the "CITIC style" in this way

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In 1988,breaking news website the Shanghai Branch of CITIC Bank was formally established. In the spring breeze of reform and opening up, the original mission of continuing the industry to report to the country and moved forward to make positive contributions to Shanghai's economic construction and social livelihood.

In the birthplace of the party, in 35 years, the Shanghai Branch of CITIC Bank has always adhered to and promoted the 32 -character CITIC style proposed by Rong Yiren, the founder of CITIC.And corporate culture system.

At present, the Shanghai Branch of CITIC Bank continues to implement the vision of "the best comprehensive financial service provider with responsibility, temperature, characteristic, and valuable".; Adhere to cultural casting souls, create productive forces with corporate culture, enhance cohesion, and activate competitiveness; adhere to talent forcibly to create a team of strugglers with strong politics, responsibility, forge ahead, and outstanding performance; persist in dedication, actively perform social responsibility, To be a state -owned financial enterprise with "big love" to provide "more than only financial" full -service services.

Starting from 32 words "CITIC style"

"Comply with the discipline of law, decent work, seeking truth from facts, pioneering and innovation, humility and caution, unity and mutual assistance, diligence and hard work, and vigorous popularity." In 1986, Comrade Rong Yiren defined the "CITIC style" with these 32 words.

For many years, CITIC's style has deeply penetrated in the thoughts and behaviors of CITIC people. It was promoted in the development of CITIC and became the common pursuit and behavior of CITIC people.

As the founder of CITIC, Rong Lao is based on national conditions and courage to innovate. He is the first pioneer to truly run the company as a company.CITIC shoulder shoulder the heavy responsibility of the country's opening window, and always plays the role of pioneers and leaders, and explores a different development path from the past.

"Becoming the best comprehensive financial service provider with a responsibility, temperature, characteristic, and valuable" is the vision of CITIC Bank. In order to achieve the above vision, further inherit the core values, and the elements and connotations of enriching the value of values, CITIC Bank also proposed thatVigorously promote the "six cultures" of "hard work, responsibility, cooperation, agility, execution, and work".The Shanghai Branch of CITIC Bank implements the "six cultures", and vigorously advocates the spirit of "strugglers" at the branch level, creating a team of strugglers with "strong politics, responsibility, hard work, and outstanding performance".

Leading party building, winning the magic weapon

Adhering to the party's leadership is the "root" and "soul" of state -owned financial enterprises, the "Dinghai God Needle" for deepening reform and development, and the magic weapon to defeat all difficulties.CITIC Bank's Shanghai Branch deeply led General Secretary Xi Jinping's ardent expectations for the construction of the party's party, vigorously promoted the spirit of the great party building, and strived to create the party building performance worthy of the party's birthplace.

CITIC Bank Shanghai Branch adheres to the leadership of party building, take the premise of serving the national strategy, actively build the characteristics of party building work, and gradually explore the new path of "party building+".

"Party building+" is guided by Xi Jinping's thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, resolutely implement the decision -making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, deeply grasp the general requirements of the party's construction in the new era, adhere to the deep integration of party building work and bank management, and promote the business with high -quality party building to promote businessHigh -quality development, testing the effectiveness of party organizations with the results of bank transformation and development.

Under the general guidelines of "Party Construction+", CITIC Bank Shanghai Branch focuses on the three major directions of "party building+customer", "party building+collaborative" and "party building+service" to carry out party building work, continuously enrich the party building scene, and build "withCo -construction to promote party building, promote development with party building, and develop strong party building "to promote various tasks to achieve high -quality development.

In September 2023, the party committee and middle -level cadres of the Shanghai Branch went to Pudong to develop and open theme exhibition.

Data show that since this year, CITIC Bank Shanghai Branch has launched more than 150 activities such as party building signing, joint theme party day, and joint help assistance, injecting a steady stream of "red kinetic energy" into the high -quality development of the branch.

In terms of "party building+customer", the Shanghai Branch takes the party building as a breakthrough to explore the "party building and business" integration model of strategic customers, institutional customers, and inclusive customers., System co -construction, talent co -construction, brand co -construction ", forming a" six co -construction "party building cooperation system.

In terms of "party building+collaborative", the Shanghai Branch promoted the coordination of party building and coordinated with the party building resources, relying on the party building resources of CITIC Group, through "customer business sharing, service plan sharing, marketing resources sharing, and risk information sharing" to form a "four sharing"Group collaboration mechanism.

In terms of "party building+service", the Shanghai Branch forms a "two -joint construction" party organization position model in accordance with the requirements of the "All Bank Service Customer, Branch Service Sub -branch, and mid -to -back service front line" requirements.

In the future, the Shanghai Branch of CITIC Bank will further transform the political advantage of party building work into a competitive advantage, promote the deep integration of party building and operation work, and promote high -quality development with high -quality party building.

Give back the society and show the responsibility

The original intention and mission of CITIC Bank's Shanghai Branch with practical action to practice the behavior of the people will show the responsibility of financial work.

"One old and one young" often becomes a victim of telecommunications fraud due to its weak consciousness of financial prevention.To this end, CITIC Bank Shanghai Branch cooperates with Shanghai Elderly University to create an online missionary position, bringing financial knowledge popularization courses to elderly students, helping to enhance financial literacy and allowing them to better adapt to the financial environment of modern society. In addition, CITICThe Bank of Shanghai Branch also cooperated with the Shanghai Academy of Drama to carry out financial knowledge to enter the campus activities. In the form of the second class, the combination of financial anti -fraud knowledge with daily learning life was combined to entertain.

Charity management is a new financial product that integrates charity and financial management. It is one of the important ways to promote common prosperity and realize wealth.In June 2023, CITIC Bank Shanghai Branch officially launched two public -funded charity wealth management products. These two charitable wealth management is the cooperation with Xinyin Financial Management with the China Organ Transplant Development Foundation and the China birth defect intervention.The income or fixed proportion is donated to the relevant foundation for children's care growth.

The migrant worker group is the main force of urban construction. CITIC Bank's Shanghai Branch of the Municipal Sandaway of the Municipal Sandaway has opened a special account of migrant workers' salary margin, becoming the first batch of joint -stock banks in Shanghai to successfully open a deposit household.The opening of a dedicated account has achieved a closed -loop management of funds and ensured the sources of wages of migrant workers.

Small and micro enterprises are an important part of the real economy. In order to ensure the financial needs of small and micro enterprises, CITIC Bank Shanghai Branch continues to increase the supply chain Puhui loan to help people's livelihood and strive not to allow every customer to "lose" financial services.

The Shanghai Branch has also held a long -term public welfare activity in caring for lonely and disabled children, public welfare running, love selling, beach garbage clearance, webbing bird protection, and financial knowledge entering the community, entering the countryside, and other forms of public welfare activities.Won the National Competition of the Sixth China Youth Volunteer Service Project Contest and Shanghai Station Silver Award.

The "Wild Yu Environmental Conservation Volunteer" project, won the 6th China Youth Volunteer Service Project Contest National Copper Award, Shanghai Silver Award

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