The construction process of Shanghai International Reinsurance Center accelerates: Global Insurance Brokerage Corporation is committed to pushing China Insurance to the International Market

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  On December 20,特快资讯 Daxin Shanghai againThe establishment ceremony of the broker branch was held in Shanghai.In November 2023, Daxin (China) Broker Co., Ltd. was approved to establish a Shanghai Re -Branch.From Li Ming, the president of Daxin China, Li Ming, chairman and president of Daxin (China) Insurance Broker Co., Ltd., introduced that at present, Daxin Shanghai Reinsurance Brokers Branch has completed the relevant preparations and officially settled inEssence

  Uniform "measures" improvement of reinsurance business efficiency

  After settling in Shanghai International Reinsurance Center, Daxin China has formed a more close cooperation with each reinsurance company. Jin Darong, deputy chairman of China Insurance and Reinsurance Service Department, replied to the 21st Century Business Herald reporter that Daxin, as a foreign brokerage company, and and and with, and and with, and and with,, as a foreign brokerage company, and and and,The insurance partners who have already settled in the Reinsurance Center are the relationship between cooperation and plays the role of bridge.Daxin has its own network and institutions in more than 130 countries and regions around the world.Through Daxin's top ten reinsurance centers in the world, Daxin will introduce these overseas high -quality reinsurance business and resources to the platform to bring reinsurance resources to the entire insurance company participating in the reinsurance platform.In addition, Daxin China established a professional reinsurance department in 2011. In fact, before the establishment of the center, it has a lot of business cooperation with most domestic reinsurance companies. In the past ten years, it will also actively introduce domestic domestic onesReinsurance agencies go out to participate in the international large -scale reinsurance forum roadshow and large -scale reinsurance technology exchanges, so that domestic insurance companies and reinsurance companies to better contact the international reinsurance market.

  Li Ming told the 21st Century Business Herald reporter that before the Shanghai International Reinsurance Center was established, Daxin's many international reinsurance business was divided, and it was necessary to deal with the branches of major insurance companies in various places., Shenzhen, Guangzhou, etc. After the establishment of the Shanghai International Reinsurance Center, insurance companies also have corresponding centralized management, which can greatly improve efficiency and professionalism can be further strengthened.

  The improvement of standardized platforms and efficiency is also a major reason Daxin China chose to settle in Shanghai International Reinsurance Center.At the end of October, Ren Chunsheng, the secretary of the party committee and chairman of the Shanghai Insurance Exchange, announced that the reinsurance "International Board" was officially launched.According to reports, the platform has functions to provide credit management, business inquiry, signing certificate, account clearing, cross -border settlement, underwriting capabilities integration, risk model sharing, performance management, etc. for reinsurance transactions.Reinsurance trading service system.In addition, the platform can also provide facilitation channels for market entities to docking various policy support, helping various support policies "accurate landing".

  Reached a letterLi Lingyun, the person in charge of the business, admits that the previous insurance brokerage companies, each with their own internal systems, and the content that needs to be entered is different.However, after the establishment of the "international board" platform, unified management, more online, intelligent and digital.At the same time, the information of the opponent's opponent is also more transparent. Which types of reinsurance agencies prefer which types of risks to underwrite. In the past, they can only communicate online, but now they can pre -screen the trading opponents through the platform, saving a lot of manpower human resourcesCost, Daxin also allows agents to better focus on digging more high -quality overseas customers brought to China's reinsurance market.

  Push Chinese insurance to the international market

  Li Lingyun said that the future vision is to be able to cooperate with the international version of the trading platform to allow China's insurance capital to occupy an important place worldwide, and also enhance China's insurance company and reinsurance company's popularity in the international reinsurance market.

  Regarding the current advantages and disadvantages of the Shanghai International Reinsurance Center, Li Ming believes that the Shanghai International Reinsurance Center concentrates on the event of major issues. With the strong support and encouragement of the government and regulatory, the entire system or mechanism will bring motivation to the development of the re -insurance industry.In addition, a new capital, without historical burden, is also a major advantage.The disadvantage may be the brand. After all, it has just joined the competition in the international capital market or the international insurance market. Everyone has no relevant experience in the underwriting ability of Chinese insurance, especially in terms of service.

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