The whole weather temperature in Shanghai is below 0 ° C. This central urban area should "move" and "freeze" to deal with the cold wave

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In the early morning of December 21,爆料资讯 Shencheng's temperature dropped below zero, and some roads in the central urban area were freezing.In Changning District, the sky was not bright, and the sanitation workers and team leaders of the Qingdao Class of the West Union Company were busy on the front line.On the 21st day, the temperature in Shanghai was below 0 ° C. The streets and relevant departments of Changning District and relevant departments were "frozen" to "freeze", and measures to deal with low temperature weather in the cold wave.

It was found that the fire hydrants leaked and frozen, and immediately paved the grass pads; on the easy -to -slip road section, especially the sloping bridge surface, laying anti -sliding grass pads; eliminating the road freezing, sprinkling industrial salt, cleaning leaves and garbage ...District Greening City Rong Bureau and various sanitation companies actively respond to the weather of the cold wave. Sanitation workers are not afraid of the cold and the operation of the shifts.The entrances and exit of major public toilets in Changning District have a non -slip floor pad to strengthen ground cleaning and keep dry and tidy.

The elderly are the most affected group during the cold wave.Right now, the six pension institutions in the area under the jurisdiction of Hongqiao Street have already investigated the fire protection facilities in the courtyard, as well as fire, electricity, and gas usage facilities, and prepared sufficient quilts, cotton clothes, food and other materials to ensure that the elderly warm over the winter over the winter.EssenceIn order to ensure that the elderly can eat hot rice at any time, Hongqiao Street has comprehensively checked the old service center and branch centers in advance to ensure that the elderly can eat nutritional "warm -hearted rice" at any time.He also launched in winter, providing door -to -door service for more than 160 special objects of lonely, lonely, disabled, and inconvenient actions every day.

Hongqiao Street is also combined with the "1+1+1" characteristic care mechanism to carry out the daily volunteer concern to the elderly and the elderly in the elderly, the daily care of the neighborhood committee, and the feedback of the daily situation.Everything is implemented and there are feedback from Zhou Zhou. "Before the coming of the cold wave, the residential areas of Hongqiao Street have completed the visit of 196 orphan, 1357 living elderly people, 511 elderly family, 484 elderly people and 74 family planning special families who have been visited in the area under their jurisdiction.The group life and health of the group are assisted in solving difficulties and implemented care and care.

Xinhua Road Street makes full use of WeChat groups, community clouds, electronic screens and other methods of residential area to effectively promote the knowledge of cold wave freezing and safe travel, and improve the awareness of prevention of residents in the jurisdiction, especially the elderly.Before the cold wave came, the streets also carried out a warm heart "knocking on the door". The district neighborhood committees and micro -grids visited special difficult groups such as minimum guarantee objects, elderly people living alone, and difficult disabled.In the area, the elderly over 60 years old lived in a liaison mechanism such as visiting, telephone, and WeChat, and told the elderly to pay attention to adding clothes in time to prevent cold and warmth.The street also carried out health science knowledge reminders in advance. Ask the elderly to pay attention to respiratory tract infections and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases when the temperature is ups and downs, and common drugs should be prepared appropriately.

At 9 am on December 20th, a stray old man was found in the Hongmeihua Garden Life Garden, located in the Nangong Resident District.The staff of the Community Police Association has been sent to the Changning District Rescue Station.While investigating and rescue the stray beggar personnel, Chengjiaqiao Street has also organized visiting the group of special difficulties every day over the past few days, and promptly release the cold wave warning information and prevention knowledge in the residents and building groups.The notification is notified, and the residents equipped with a flower stand are reminded to avoid high -altitude falls.

With the "Central Station" of the Party and Mass Service Center, the "Hub Station" of the Zhongshan Park Business District, the 4th Gate of the Gate of Jurchen, the "Weng New Nest" service station, such as the "grid station", and the "micro -station" along the streetFor new employment groups such as Huayang Road Street, express delivery and take -out delivery staff, you can see the "strict" of hot water, ginger tea, warm baby and other cold items for everyone to use.The street also combines the "Winter Sending Warm" activity, which successively sends practical cold -proof products such as windproof masks and gloves to the little buddies.Pay attention to your physical condition in time and pay attention to the combination of work and rest.

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