Accelerate the cultivation of world -class high -end industrial clusters

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  During the recent inspection in Shanghai,News information website General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that it is necessary to lead scientific and technological innovation, strengthen key core technology research, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, accelerate the cultivation of world -class high -end industrial clusters, accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system, and continuously improve the status of the international economic center and the status and the status of the international economic center andGlobal economic governance influence.

  Industrial clusters can effectively use the scale effects and competitive advantages of collaborative innovation, resource agglomeration, cost reduction and efficiency.In specific areas, close interaction and geographical concentration of enterprises with close interaction and division of labor cooperation will help reduce production costs and transaction costs, and enhance anti -risk capabilities and market competitiveness.The industrial cluster gathers various resources and innovation subjects, which can not only form a professional market that is accompanied by each other, but also accelerate the pace of coordinated innovation in multi -subjects and promote high -quality economic development.

  The world -class high -end industrial cluster is a high -level form for deepening and agglomeration of industrial division of labor, and it is also the focus of international industry competition.High -end industrial clusters are regional industrial clusters composed of high -tech, high value -added, and high -tech industries. Compared with ordinary industrial clusters, comprehensive strength, higher innovation level, and better collaborative cooperation.The cultivation of world -class high -end industrial clusters is a key starting point for promoting the industry's towards high -end, and it is also an important path to enhance the toughness and security level of the industrial chain supply chain and stimulate the new advantage of manufacturing competition.Having a group of world -class high -end industrial clusters is an important symbol of manufacturing power, and has become an important direction for the development of various countries.

  Cultivating world -class high -end industrial clusters is the key to high -end force.This requires us to integrate scientific and technological innovation resources, cultivate and strengthen strategic emerging industries and future industries, build new engines, seize new highlands, and accelerate the formation of new productivity.Of course, we must not ignore the consolidation of basic capabilities. It is necessary to implement the industrial foundation reconstruction project and major technical equipment research projects, accelerate the shortcoming industry supplement chain, advantageous industrial extension chain, and traditional industrial promotion chain, and promote the industryupgrade.

  Difference layout is the focus.At present, the development plan of high -end industrial clusters in various places has certain homogeneous competition and duplicate construction, which is not only conducive to industrial development, but will weaken the overall competitiveness of high -end industries in my country.Therefore, it is necessary to guide localities to play comparative advantages and work hard on professionalism, differentiation, and characteristics.We must not be separated from local resource endowments, let alone be greedy for the ocean, and to coax up.

  At present, there are 45 advanced manufacturing clusters in my country, involving a new generation of information technology, high -end equipment, consumer goods, new energy and intelligent connected cars, which reflect the differentiated layout ideas.According to the actual situation of the industry, according to the actual situation of the industry, the local conditions are adapt to the local conditions, and the strengths and weaknesses should be transformed into industrial advantages.

  The gradient system is the starting point.For clusters, leading enterprises are very important, often can effectively gather industrial advantageous resources, give play to the agglomeration effect, and drive upstream and downstream supporting companies to develop coordinated development.At the same time, it is necessary to increase the cultivation of high -quality SMEs, promote the integration and development of large, small and medium -sized enterprises, improve the supporting capabilities of key links in the industrial chain, and continuously improve their core competitiveness.

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