2023, the consumer world is looking for "your own reason"

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In 2023, it seems that every platform wants to be "Pinduoduo".In the case of "subsidy", the e -commerce platform collectively trapped the unilateral carnival of "10 billion subsidies".

During the promotion of the University of 618, major platforms shouted the slogan of "the most in history". For example, Taobao and JD.com used "historical huge investment" and "618 in the industry's most investment" to consumers.During the "Double 11" period, the "tens of billions of subsidies" on the entire network made consumers tired of being tired. Douyin launched the official settlement, the price of single items fell 15%, and the fast -handed annual plan was released.18 billion traffic bonus and 2 billion subsidy dividends, Vipshop, Xiaohongshu, Bilibili and other platforms have also joined the battlefield; in addition, the Labor Day, the long holiday of the Dragon Boat Festival, the National Day holiday, and the coming are coming.On New Year's Day, there are also many dazzling discount activities, and there is a big promotion of almost month.

All the spearheads behind these "price wars" point to a word -pricing power.

The reason for the reason is that this is the inevitable result of the overall growth of the e -commerce industry.For many consumers, returning to "rational consumption" is also the concept of money they follow.

The "White Paper of Chinese Consumers in 2023" released by Iri Consultation shows that "refinement" has become a consumer keyword this year, and more than 92%of consumers say they need to plan or reduce consumption more finely.

Some people call this outlook on consumption as a "twist -type consumption". When choosing a product, they look around and compare it in multiple parties. Before paying, find "vouchers" everywhere, and they are unwilling to spend more money.

In order to cater to the changing tastes of young people, merchants have to take the initiative to keep up with this "new consumer revolution".A parity drink, opened the "volume low price" of the tea industry.

From "impulse consumption" to "cautious rationality", young people pay more and more attention to "cost -effectiveness" when shopping, and high -quality and low prices are their "both must and".

Even some young consumers have used "picking" as their own labels and boldly admit their "picking door"."Not XX can't afford it, but XX is more cost -effective." After the Duan Zi became popular, the "winding wind" gradually extended from "military coat" to various aspects such as catering, tourism, and wear.

In 2023, consumers returned to pragmatic and replaced last year's "wild consumption" with "price -sensitive consumption".

"Where is it expensive, find the reason for yourself"

This year, Li Jiaqi's "where is expensive" and the full -screen screen, pushing consumer dissatisfaction to a climax.

On September 10, Li Jiaqi, a "one brother with the goods" Li Jiaqi, brought 79 yuan in the live broadcast room, which caused consumers to "educate" netizens after questioning.It ’s because of finding myself for so many years. Wages have not risen for so many years, do you work seriously?"

"What can I buy in 79 yuan" also caused heated discussion on the Internet.According to the official flagship store information, the net content of the slender content of Huoxi Zi Zi Zi Zi Eyebrow Chalk is 0.08 grams. This product contains a replacement core, that is, a total of two cores, the net content is 0.16 grams, and the eyebrow chalk is priced at 89 yuan/branch.After the conversion, the price of one gram of this product is about 556 yuan, which exceeds the real -time base price at that time.

Subsequently, a number of domestic products brands such as Bee Flowers, Hongxingrke, Lotus MSG, South Hainan, and Yuhua have launched a "super -value luxury package" at a price of 79 yuan in flagship stores.The bee flower even started to play stalks, and made a slogan "79 yuan = 5 kg and a half". The package contains 2 bottles of 1L conditioner and 1 bottle of 750ml shampoo.Bee flower products.

Although the "lowest price on the entire network" has become the past, consumers are still highly sensitive to the prices of various live live rooms.More and more young consumers realize that consumption is the most important thing to please themselves, not to please others.

The "Report on the New Trend of the 618 Consumption in 2023" released by Nandu shows that nearly six percent believes that their consumption is more rational. From the previous fixed channel consumption to the current goods, more than 60 % of the respondents pay more attention to cost -effectiveness.Data100 data shows that after experiencing the epidemic, the interviewees who are more dependent and the plan are 36%and 24%, respectively, and the proportion of more than 25%of the proportion of impulse, excitement, overall, brand, passion, etc.Consumer concepts that are not blind and not compared.

In the past, the concept of "expensive is good" has also been unreasonable.Various brand marketing routines such as advertising, variety shows, and endorsement have increased costs, and these costs were finally passed on to consumers.Now these homogeneous marketing methods are difficult to resonate, and it is difficult to leverage consumer wallets.Instead, young consumers' pursuit of "quality ratio", that is, buy good quality products at a more affordable price.

Taking the pearls of the live broadcast rooms of each anchor this year as an example, as an example.In the impression of many consumers, exquisite and expensive pearls are high -end accessories, which are high and difficult to buy.But in fact, after the live "ride", pearl sales across the country have increased significantly. In the first five months of this year, the total online and offline sales of Zhuji pearl lines in Zhejiang reached 25 billion yuan.Sales.

Mr. Xu, a pearl merchant, told the value planet that for more than 20 years, he has never seen the Zhuji market as a lively look."This year is really in short supply. At five or six o'clock in the previous five or six, I had to get off work at work.

Jewelry dealer Ms. Wu said that in their live broadcast room, you can buy a pair of earrings in more than 20 yuan, and you can start a pearl necklace in three or four hundred.Counting all kinds of red envelopes and discounts basically can afford it.In order to obtain stable traffic, she contacted the fashion bloggers of many platforms such as Taobao and Xiaohongshu as the drainage port.

The changes in the consumer side have also been forced to reform the supply side. Some consumer brands that responded to the market fast have begun to "find their own reasons" and "cater to consumers" by cutting prices.

At the 2023 New Consumer Industry Unicorn Summit, Wu Shichun, the founding partner of Meihua Venture Capital, publicly expressed his views on changes in consumer brands this year. "It is not that consumption is not good, but your brand is not good. There is no sunset consumption, only the sunset is the sunset, only the sunset is the sunset.Brand. Pinduoduo's market value exceeds Alibaba, indicating that users need cheaper things, and consumers need more cost -effective things. The consumer industry is no longer '28 laws'. In the past, 20%of companies made money.It becomes only 2%of heads to make money. "

This year's snack discount store is also a typical ecology that this supply -side reform has spawned. The lower pricing strategy constitutes a strong attractiveness for consumers with price sensitivity.

Zhang Ziwei, a franchisee of brand snack discount stores, told the Planet. In the county where he opened the store, a brand snack discount store was in the early days of opening.-800 people.Although the consumer's popularity is reduced, the average daily passenger flow can also be 300 people, and 20%of the gross profit margin.It illustrates the successful landing of low pricing strategies in the field of county snack consumption.

In the automotive field, according to incomplete statistics, Tesla's official price reduced price by about 59 times in the first half of this year, which even triggered a large -scale "price war" in China.Even Wang Chuanfu, chairman of BYD, helplessly said that he must be prepared at any time within 3-5 years.

"United name, it's very good, I will be united next time"

New tea and coffee practitioners began to "find the cause" from himself as early as last year, and the price reduction of good tea is only one of many actions.After the Kudy Coffee of this year, when Ruixing Coffee was 9.9 yuan/cup, Kudy coffee further hit the price of coffee to 8.8 yuan/cup, and was ridiculed by netizens as "open face".

After entering 2023, the tea coffee industry "sit up" in low prices and joint names, increasingly "volume".After counting it, there were three joint names in the circle during the year, which came from Xixi, Ruixing and Nai Xue.

On May 17, Xicha and luxury brand FENDI held hands to launch a special drink of 19 yuan a cup of "FENDI Joy Yellow" and 4 limited baking products.This is the first time this year's cross -border linkage ignites consumer emotions. On the first day of the event, many stores exploded.According to the data provided by the tea, the "FENDI Joy Yellow" special drink was launched for three days to sell over 1.5 million cups.

The second phenomenon -level screen brushing comes from Ruixing. On September 4th, the "sauce latte" jointly launched by Rui Xing and Moutai used the white wine flavor thick milk, which contains 53 degrees of Maotai wine, priced at 19 yuan.On the first day of the launch, the sauce latte not only exploded the WeChat circle of friends, but also hit the first Weibo hot search list.

On the day of launch, the value planet was found in a number of Ruixing stores in Beijing. The product has been sold out. Stores selling for sale also need to line up for two hours or more.According to the data released by Ruixing, the sales volume of the first day of the sauce was exceeded 5.42 million cups, and the sales exceeded 100 million yuan.

Nai Xue also harvested a wave of "memories killing" through the joint milk tea launched by the Box Fantexi Music Universe.As a lot of post -80s and post -90s, the "King of Zhou Tian", Jay Chou not only rose the "box office" in the concert, but also the co -branded drinks were also amazing. According to the data provided by Naixue, the sales volume of the joint milk tea on the first day was as high as 1.46 million cups, creating creation, creating creation, creating creation, creating creation, creating creation, creating creation, creating creation.The new record of Naixue's new product on the first day.

Obviously, this year's three phenomenal explosion models have completed their joint mission, and the effect is both appropriate and appointed.

Under the influence of head brands, many tea coffee brands have joined the joint army.The categories of joint brands have already jumped out of the category of film and television dramas and star IPs. Beauty, automobiles, 3C electronics, luxury goods, etc. have all become the new co -branded party of tea coffee brands.For example, Ruixing has a joint name Gulangyu Music Festival, Naixue's tea union skin care brand, Mi Xue Bingcheng joint domestic brand Baique Ling, Nai Xue's tea union OPPO mobile phone, and so on.

But throughout the year, there are only three cases of the most out of circle, which shows that consumers' "happy threshold" is getting higher and higher, and it is more and more difficult to please.What consumers need are no longer simple marketing and publicity, but a joint name that can truly cut the emotional value needs. Only such a brand can seize the opportunity to pry open the consumer's purse.

There are also many co -branded "rollover".The aunt Shanghai aunt and the game male leader and game male lead of the partner's love mobile game "Light and Night Love" hurt fans' feelings and controversial public opinion.The shortest hand in hand. "The co -branded "Foxi Tea Latte" of Xicha and Jingdezhen Ceramics Museum has been interviewed from heated discussions to suspected violation of the regulations on the management of religious affairs, and the time does not exceed three days.

This year, the logic of joint names has also changed, and it is no longer the cause of price increases.The price of "FENDI Happy Yellow" and "Sauce Nattary" are the same as daily drinks. The joint models of Naixue and thin boxes are only 1 yuan more expensive than daily.The premium space brought by the joint name is becoming smaller, and the co -branded model and the basic model are basically the same. Consumers are willing to "generate electricity for love" and will still consider price factors during transactions.

At the same time, the joint name is showing a flood. Some research reports pointed out that in 2023, the co -branded activities of the beverage chain brand are active, and there will be an example almost every day.

Liao Chenglin, a professor at the School of Business Administration of Chongqing University, said that consumers may try to buy cross -border joint products because of their feelings and curiosity, but what consumers are most concerned about must be the product itself.For coffee and new tea, it is still necessary to continue to launch high -quality and healthy innovative products in order to attract young consumers for a long time.

Sister Pan, who claims to be "no coffee can't", also tells the planet that two cups of coffee every day are just needed. She is also keen to try various new products and joint names."Anyway, I usually buy coffee every day, so after the brands have joint names, I should buy the surroundings. Except for some niche joint names, I will try to try it. The last time is to spend money on" Cat and Mouse "because it is childhood in childhood, because it is childhood.IP, now the small stickers are still on my computer. "

But she also bluntly said that many joint names were actually changed to packaging. The drinks inside basically did not upgrade or even retreat, so she no longer participated in the joint activities except for just needed."It may be because the order volume of the joint model has increased rapidly, which has led to insufficient manpower in the store and the decline in drinking quality. In addition, it is necessary to queue up, so sometimes the experience brought by joint products is not good." Sister Pan said.

From the perspective of the environment, the domestic consumer market has entered a new stage.

The "first person in the consumer industry" Miura Show mentioned in the book "Fourth Consumption Era", which referred to a word called "Creative Fee", which explained this change.Today's consumption is not simply consumption, but consumption for creating its own lifestyle.This also means that as long as the products are produced in the past, the era that can be sold is gone.

From consumption to "innovation", product power has become more important.In the past, batch consumption and homogeneous consumption have been difficult to impress consumers, and they are replaced by their more picky and more personalized demands.Therefore, brand vendors need to adjust their strategy, adjust their organizational structure, and cater to consumers in product design.

Consumers' needs have also changed from rational and functional needs to emotional and emotional needs.For consumer goods brands with low technical barriers, they have the ability to mobilize consumers' emotions and provide emotional value, and they have a higher chance of winning.

"Little money is spent, but emotional value must be given enough"

The changes in the consumption concept of young people have also affected the direction of the e -commerce shopping festival to a certain extent.Although the "Double Eleven" this year is deserted, the trend of consumers "pay for happiness" is very obvious.

"More and more consumers have begun to pay attention to products that can provide emotional value and pay for happiness." Said Owen, President of Tao Tian Group Brand Business Development Center, said, "The recently mentioned 'dopamine consumption' is a typical performance. From the data.From the perspective, the hot sales of related products such as e -sports, cycling, skiing, and other related products all show such consumption trends. "

Data show that the domestic sports outdoor industry has shown explosive growth, and the sales of products such as cycling, skiing, outdoor shoes and clothing increased by 300%year -on -year.

As the post -90s gradually become an important participant in the consumer market, novel consumption and healing consumption explosion has been frequently produced, such as Zibo barbecue in hot circle and lottery sales increased faster;The willingness to pay.

Consumer scenarios such as Ji Chao Travel, Lu Chong, Citywalk, Concert, and "Hiding Cats" have successfully set off a wave this year.Taking the concert as an example, according to the professional version of the lighthouse, the total box office of music performance sales of music performances from January to August this year reached 5.704 billion yuan, of which the total box office of the concert was 4.452 billion (78.1%), the total box office of the music festival was 1.133 billion (19.9%of the music festival (19.9%of the 19.9%)To.In terms of age, post -00s have the highest attention to various types of music performances, especially the attention of music festivals accounted for nearly 60 %, and consumer groups of post -95s and post -90s follow closely.

As the winter arrives, the warm and personality "military coat" has become a top flow.

Chen Qi, a college student in the northeast, also said that "not a down jacket can't afford it, but the military coat is more cost -effective".Search for keywords such as "cotton coat" and "authentic army coat".

If you say that almost everyone in the young people ten years ago is the "Moonlight", and even used to consumption through borrowing.So today's young people pursue not easy consumption and only buy the principles of shopping in need. This kind of shopping is often the same as concerts and military coats, bringing emotional value other than using value.

From the perspective of consumer psychology, young people's enthusiasm for music and performances is more from the pursuit of "happy" from the bottom of the heart. This "pleasing self" is still based on deep "personalization".

Zhejiang Business Securities also pointed out in the research report that the trend of consumption upgrades in my country has shifted from "more and better" to "pursuing quality", from "enough buying goods" to "enough to buy services", and consumption emphasizes a sense of participation, experience and experience. personalise.In order to highlight personality, Guofeng Clothing, JK (high school student uniforms), tide -playing hand -made, cross -border joint products have become explosive products sought after by young people.

The transformation of this consumption habit also reflects many changes in the current consumption environment.

First, the halo of "brand value" gradually faded.The younger generation of consumers realized that the brand's premium is not directly linked to the brand's use value, and the high price is often the psychological value of consumers.Similarly, "high prices do not mean high quality."

Secondly, consumption anxiety gradually relieved.In the current social background, young people are facing many challenges such as employment, academic, economic pressure, and marriage.

Finally, the concept of diligence is being reshaped.Many young people have begun to recognize the importance of saving, and through rational consumption and careful calculations, they have more deeply realized that material is not the only pursuit of life, and began to find a more connotative and meaningful lifestyle.

The Studies of Consumer Psychology found that wanting to buy something is more happy than having it.

Normally, Maslow's level of demand theory is similar to a pyramid. From bottom to top to top is physiological needs, safety needs, emotion and ownership needs, respect for needs, knowledge of knowledge and aesthetic needs, and self -realization.The more demand is, the more complicated the demand.

Today, young consumers, especially Gen Z, are subverting the "Maslow Pyramid Pyramid".According to Park Ruipur's data, physiological and safety needs are still in the top two, and it is the most basic, primitive and most important demand for generations.Self -implementation demand is ranked third, with an average score of 4.29, followed by the average score of respect for demand is 4.28, and the scores of the two are very similar.

These survey data indicate to a certain extent that in the minds of consumers in generations, the previously stable "pyramid" consumption theory is changing.

Looking back at 2023, under the theory of "reverse consumption" and "consumption downgrade", from the waves of consumer consumer in the consumer field that young consumers set off on the Internet, they are seeing that they are recovering their own consumption consumption.The right to speak, belongs to the unique consumption trend of young people is formed -they are looking for individuality in low prices, paying attention to their emotions in personality, and accurately locating their position in the consumer world.

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