The Yuan Cosmic Industry Alliance was established in Putuo District.

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  On December 20,Hot discussion information website the Yuan Cosmic Industry Alliance of Putuo District was formally established.From Shanghai Telecom, Shanghai Mobile, Shanghai Unicom, Shanghai Tower Tower, Xinguo Mai Digital Culture Co., Ltd. and other state -owned enterprise industries, Shanghai Institute of Technology, Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology and other cutting -edge technology research and development universities, and 20 units in the district, and other unitsBecome the first members of the league.Xiao Li, deputy mayor of Putuo District, and Chen Zhichao, general manager of Xin Guoai Digital Culture Co., Ltd. attended the event.

  "It is necessary to promote industrial innovation with scientific and technological innovation, especially with disruptive technology and cutting -edge technologies to give birth to new industries, new models, and new functions to develop new quality productivity." In the 2023 Central Economic Work Conference, the construction of the modern industrial system with scientific and technological innovation led, Stable in the "nine tasks" of the "nine tasks" of the key content of the economic work in 2024.As one of the future industrial development layout of Shanghai, the Yuanshi Industry is essential to the construction of a regional modern industrial system.


The establishment of the Yuan Cosmic Industry Alliance of Putuo District

  After the establishment of the alliance, it will integrate the universe enterprises, academic institutions, and research organizations to promote the deep integration of science and technology and industry, and lead the regional economic transformation and upgrading.Specifically, it will focus on cutting -edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, cloud computing, and virtual reality, establish a cluster center for technological innovation, and promote the transformation of technological achievements in the field of the Yuan universe;Fusion, promote the characteristics of Putuo regional, and the combination of traditional, red culture and emerging technologies, and develop the content and application of cultural characteristics with cultural characteristics, and improve the efficiency, breadth and depth of cultural communication.



Alliance unit award

  "In addition, we will also organize cooperation, exchange and transformation and transformation platforms through regular entrepreneurial incubation activities, forums, exhibitions and other activities in the field of Yuanshi." Yin Xin, deputy director of the Putuo District Science and Technology Commission, introducedThe participation of universities and research institutes will also cooperate with key institutions in the future. By establishing a mechanism for the establishment of talent cultivation projects, it will be directed to the industry to directed related talents for the sustainable development of the industry."I hope that through our efforts, we can attract more partners to join and build a cooperation network covering the entire district, China Unicom."

  What are the characteristics of the Putuo Yuan Cosmic Industry Alliance?Serving small and medium -sized technology innovation enterprises with public resources in series is one of the characteristics of the league."Through we combed in the early stage, it was found that there were some companies in Putuo District at the bottom technology, digital content, and service application of Putuo District.Some companies and platforms gather, lead them to integrate resources, and provide various services for small and medium -sized enterprises. "Yin Xin further introduced that, for example, the new national pulse in the alliance can provide basic innovation services, and the three major communications operators canProvide computing power services, and the District Science and Technology Commission can guide enterprises to use service vouchers and other policies, support and encourage SMEs to buy broadband and computing power when engaged in the research and development of the Yuan cosmic industry.According to reports, at the beginning of the establishment of the alliance, the relevant business cooperation of the alliance enterprises has been promoted, such as: Mantis Hui Shi and New Guai Mai have reached related cooperation in the circulation business of the Yuan universe.


2024 Yuan Cosmic theme activity launched

  On the day of the establishment of the alliance, the theme event of the Yuan universe in 2024 also launched simultaneously.In 2024, related activities such as digital innovation conferences, fabricated and production meetings will be planned.

  According to reports, since June 13 this year, after the Municipal Science and Technology Commission released the "Special Action Plan for Three Years of Customs Relations in Shanghai Yuan Cosmic Technology (2023-12025)", Putuo District's layout of the new track of the Yuan universe followed closely behind,And accurate effort.For example: At the beginning of this year, the major application scenarios of the Yuan universe carried out at the beginning of this year concentrated.The "Yuan Universe" scene was selected as "List of the first batch of major application scenarios in the Yuan universe in Shanghai" (20 in the city, including 6 projects in the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in July 2022); held in August this year,Duzhi China AIGC Technology Week 2023 Global Yuan Universe Conference Shanghai Station activities, released the "Half Masu River" Yuan universe's science and technology policy package.

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