They used "Young Time" to inspire the vitality of the old community of Shanghai Changning

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As the first place of the major concept of the people's democracy in the process,Express information website Shanghai Changning continued to explore the entire process of integrating the major concepts of people's democracy into community governance.This year, under the leadership of the district party committee and district government, the District Party Committee Organization Department, the District Civil Affairs Bureau, and the district are the goal of "one nuclear and five" to promote the whole process of people's democracy at the grassroots level.The whole process of people's democratic practice demonstration community. "The "Practice of the People's Democratic Grassroots of the People's Democracy in Changning District" summarizes a group of lively and outstanding practical cases of people's democratic grassroots.Today, walk into the residential area of Tianshan Second Village, Tianshan Road Street →

The Tianshan Second Village Community is the first new village of Shanghai workers built in the 1950s. It is located in the middle of Tianshan Road Street.Young people under the age of 40 accounted for nearly 45%.What kind of sparks will the old community and young people wipe out?The general branch of the residential district of Tianshan Second Village uses a trick to allow the youth of the community to participate in social governance and build a beautiful home.

Activity condensation,

Diversity of forms dressed up pretty community

The grass -edited cute rabbit, aromatherapy candle production, parent -child care green ... A series of activities are in the form of "small hands to pull big hands", which drives more young people to get out of the house and create a "young time" gathering place.

The "Ningqing Garden" in Tianshan Second Village Community Time Paradise, under the joint construction of the residents, transformed from the former "dirty and messy" to the current "You Jingmei" that everyone likes.The "T-Star" Forest Pioneer Volunteer Service Team, which is composed of residential areas, building enterprises, and young volunteers."" ".Young volunteers can also claim the green plants of "Ningqing Garden", and regularly water them for them, plant green hope, and practice green concepts.

"Louhe linkage",

White -collar youth co -discussion community

The residential area of Tianshan Second Village is unique and surrounded by many commercial buildings in the Hongqiao -Gubei Commercial District. Many of the residential tenants in the residential area are also white -collar employees in the surrounding business district.To this end, the Tianshan Second Village Resident District Party Branch has created the "Tianshan Ercun Youth Gas Station" on the basis of the original argument structure of the community., Explore by wisdom.At present, the results of the "Civilization Convention" and "Community Parking Convention" have been formed, which has made the community contradictions significantly reduced, and community life is more orderly and livable.

Fusion and absorption,

"New Employment" group adds grass -roots governance

In recent years, with the booming new format represented by the platform economy, the "new employment" group has gradually become an indispensable backbone in social development.In the first half of this year, under the leadership of the Party and Mass Service Center of the Street Community, the units of the General Branch of the Party District of Tianshan Second Village and the new employment group, such as the China Post Tianshan Road Post Branch, Shanghai Lianjia Real Estate, Jiangsu Bank, etc.Community service projects such as volunteer service points and old comfort services have been released, and they come to the door for elderly people who live alone and in trouble in the community.

In addition, the Tianshan Second Village Community Time Park Service Station re -created the "Young Volunteer Service Pavilion". On the basis of providing the original top ten pooping services such as emergency umbrellas, emergency charging, and Internet access, it has added condolences, consulting, and consultation around the actual needs of residents.Class, health and other communities co -construction activities.In the future, the General Party Branch of the Tianshan Second Village residents will integrate resources and condense strength, "first make the service in and then bring the role out" to better promote the integration of new employment groups into community development and grass -roots governance.

The picture comes from the District Civil Affairs Bureau

Writing: Tan Yimao

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