The School of Political and Law organized a "one -stop" student community integrity examination education activity

 人参与 | 时间:2024-02-24 16:30:03

At the beginning of the event,High-speed information website Wei Cheng explained the significance of the integrity test.He said that integrity is the basic quality of each student and a concrete manifestation of personal morality and social morality.Exams are not only a means to measure students 'learning results, but also an important way to cultivate students' integrity.Then, Wei Cheng listed several cases of negative cases to warn students to eliminate the idea and behavior of cheating in the exam.He warned his classmates that any behavior that tried to obtain scores through improper means was irresponsible to his future career.Subsequently, Wei Cheng interpreted the students' behavioral specifications in the exam in detail.The students listened carefully and stated that they would strictly abide by the regulations.In the examination of the examination commitment, all participants conducted a solemn examination commitment oath.They raised their right hands and solemnly promised to abide by discipline and integrity in the exam.After Wei Cheng's lecture, Mr. Yuan Airong made a summary speech.She said that the college attaches great importance to the students' integrity examinations and calls on all students to actively practice integrity and jointly create a fair, fair and orderly examination environment.At the end of the event, the participating students signed on the banner of the integrity examination to show their determination to the integrity test.After the meeting, this banner was hung on the "one -stop" student community apartment promotional column, allowing the students to sign it on it.

In this event, students have stated that they will consciously abide by the examination discipline, face their academic achievements honestly, and strive to become an excellent talent with excellent morality and integrity.The successful holding of this activity laid a solid foundation for creating a good style of testimony for the School of Political Science and Law.(School of Politics and Law)

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