How does a commercial complex "roll" a new height

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Intime Department Store Binjiang Store is like weaving during New Year's Day.Drawing

  Zhejiang Online January 3rd (Reporter Quan Linzhen Jin Hanqing)During this New Year's Day holiday, the Hangzhou Wulin Commercial District has "fired" again because of the recent joining of new members Hangzhou Center.Especially in the New Year's Eve, major shopping malls have extended their business hours while the popularity is high, and they have greeted the New Year with consumers.

  It is a good thing to win a win -win situation in the mall, but some people think that when consumers have receded their freshness in the Hangzhou center, problems such as increasing competition, difficulty in attracting investment, high store vacancy rates, and difficult performance growth are more likely to explode.After all, the Wulin Commercial District has now gathered 5 members of Hangzhou Building, the National Cities Plaza, Wulin Intime, Kerry Center, and Hangzhou Center. If you add an urgent Hang Lung Plaza, at least 6 commercial complexes in this area will be gathered in the future.Essence

  In the era of stock, how can commercial complex break through the dilemma of homogeneous competition?In the context of expanding domestic demand, how can commercial complexes shape the core competitiveness and expand the boundary of offline consumption?


  From the development of large department stores, to the construction of large supermarkets and hypermarkets, to the subsequent large -scale shopping mall development frenzy, my country's commercial real estate development has gone through multiple rounds of investment heat.Especially in recent years, large -scale commercial real estate projects represented by commercial complexes have risen rapidly.

  Zhejiang is a province of commercial complex projects.According to incomplete statistics, in the past three years (2020-2022), more than 100 commercial projects (30,000 square meters or more) opened in Zhejiang, with a total volume of nearly 10 million square meters.Hangzhou is particularly prominent. As of September 2023, there were more than 160 commercial stock projects, ranking 8th in the country; the commercial stock area exceeded 13 million square meters, of which more than 130 shopping malls.

  Why is a commercial complex so popular?

  Xiao Liang, director of the Modern Business Research Center of Zhejiang University of Technology, believes that from the perspective of government level, commercial complexes, as a collection of living, business, business and other formats, have long been an important infrastructure in the city.EssenceIt is an important carrier to cultivate emerging industries and introduce well -known brand headquarters, and often has a large investment scale, which can effectively drive economic growth, so it can gain the attention and support of local governments.

  Taking the Hangzhou Center just opened as an example, the business format includes not only high -end shopping malls, but also a four -season hotel and international -level office building with one of the top ten top luxury chain hotels in the world.The total investment of the project exceeded 8 billion yuan, and the average investment per mu reached 237 million yuan.

  From the perspective of the enterprise, after 2010, due to the restrictions on the regulatory policies of large and medium -sized urban residential markets, many developers have begun to pay attention to commercial real estate development and further promote the development of commercial complex projects in the country.According to the World British Wei Shi, in 2013, the area of ​​shopping malls under construction in my country reached 16.8 million square meters, exceeding half of the total area of ​​the global shopping malls.

  Of course, the prosperity of commercial complexes cannot be just a government enterprise "shaving the burden on a hot head", and the attitude of consumers is also an important factor.

  Consumers Ms. Hu liked to take a family in a nearby complex for a whole day."I used to go to the streets to go to traditional shopping malls, such as buying clothes and buying home accessories. Now if we bring children out, we prefer to go directly to the commercial complex. Their business content is more abundant. In addition to eating and shopping, the 'baby baby' is also very convenient","

  "Now the urban function is constantly replacement and improvement. The common people also hope that within the range of the small radius of the residential area, there is a comprehensive project that integrates shopping, catering, leisure, and entertainment, rather than to meet the demand across half of the cities."Xiao Liang said.

  Because of this, commercial complexes have also become the backbone of inspiring consumption enthusiasm and promoting offline consumption.

  On December 2, 2023, Cixi Xinhefang · Yuntai Park joined hands with nearly 300 brands and more than 80 first stores to land in Ningbo.According to local media reports, on the first day of opening, the complex reached 365,000 passenger flow and 22.72 million yuan in sales. The single -day sales of multiple brands reached the top of Ningbo No. 1 and even Zhejiang.

  Jila's investment and consumption promotion functions are one. Even if the stock is already very high, the commercial complex has still become the "fragrant" of various places.

  In April last year, the General Office of the People's Government of Zhejiang Province issued the "Notice on Further Expanding Consumption and Promoting Several Measures for High -quality Development", and proposed the goal of investing more than 40 billion yuan in consumer projects in 2023.In June last year, 5 departments including the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce jointly issued the "Three -Year Action Plan for the Creation of the High -quality Consumption Gathering Zone". Zhejiang will strive to create a group of rich commercial formats, innovation in consumption scenarios, complete consumption hours, and complete consumption through three years of continuous efforts., High -quality consumer agglomeration areas with high quality and services, smooth and orderly logistics, and pleasant consumption experience.


  With the development and opening of a large number of commercial complexes, the differentiation of passenger flow and the intensification of industry competition are unavoidable.Commercial complexes are no longer a fire, but entering the "knockout" stage.

  In the evening, it should have been the peak period when people who had dinner after get off work. The commercial complex located in Yuecheng District, Shaoxing was a bit deserted. The customers in the mall were scattered and their popularity was sluggish.

  "The business is not so good. This point is normal for the evening market, but there is not much traffic in the mall." A clerk said helplessly.

  If the desertedness of Ying En Tiandi is because the brand is not enough to appeal, then you can look at the condition of the Shaoxing Row Jiang Baolong Plaza.

  Baolong Plaza was once the first one -stop urban commercial complex in the River River area of Yuecheng District, Shaoxing. The total construction area exceeds 400,000 square meters. There are seven or eight surrounding residential communities, filling the local commercial gap.At the beginning of the business, it declared "the new landmark of robes and the mission of" prosperous city ".

  But after the opening, Baolong Plaza seems to have finished highlighting, and the local volume is getting smaller and smaller, and it has exposed problems such as frequent changes in the brand and scarce passenger flow.On June 9 last year, the commercial complex issued a shutdown announcement of the integration system. Afterwards, it was reported that the commercial complex will be renamed "Xingchao Plaza", and the operating manager will be replaced at the same time.

  In Hangzhou, which is attractive to the foreign population, the survival of the commercial complex is better, but there are also more stores in some areas.

  Data show that in 2022, the number of brand adjustments in Hangzhou Shopping Center (commercial building area ≥ 50,000 square meters) is about 3,400, including more than 1,700 Xinguan stores and more than 1,600 new stores, and the number of closing stores is higher than the number of store opening.

  A Ms. Zhu, who has many years of shopping mall management experience, said that there are too many large -scale commercial complexes in some areas, which overdraw the local consumption power."There are only so many consumer groups. One or two can be profitable within one business district. If there are four or five commercial complexes in the nearby nearby, the risk of closing is much greater."

  Is it because there are too many competitors?Some experts don't think so.

  Li Sheng school, the dean of the former Yue Commercial Research Institute, said that the number of saturation does not mean quality saturation.The existing commercial complex is seriously homogeneous. Some of them have not found their core competitiveness, and less innovation has led to a poor sense of experience in consumers.

  In Ningbo, there is a pair of malls that often cause heated discussion among local consumers -Hongtai Plaza and Hankyu Department Store, which is also located in the CBD of Ningbo New City CBD. The two are only separated by the road, but the popularity is different.

  In the peak consumption season on the weekend, Hankyu Department Store is crowded and lively. In addition to the popularity of the catering on the first floor, Hongtai Plaza is a bit popular, but the other floors are neglected and the passenger flow is scarce.There are even videos that the phenomenon of consumers parked the car in Hongtai Plaza but ran to the Consumer Consumption of Hankyu Department Store.Netizens have said that in fact, Hongtai Square was desolate before the opening of Hankyu Department Store."The positioning is inaccurate, and it feels messy. There is no decent brand at all, and it will lose during the investment phase."

  There is no core competitiveness, even if the location is excellent, consumers would rather spend more time to go to other regions.

  Taking Shao Mao Ying Eunni as an example, the brand that settled in is very similar to the brands introduced by other surrounding business districts. Different parts are also unknown "non -mainstream" brands, which is weak to consumers.Mr. Duan, who lives nearby, told reporters that even if he arrived in the world for 10 minutes, he only went to dining every time he went, and rarely went to other shops inside."Compared with several other Shaoxing, the brand inside is not good, and the popularity is deserted. Sometimes I would rather drive to other regions for consumption."

  The rapid expansion of e -commerce has also taken away some offline passenger flow, adding pressure on the commercial complexes that are already poorly operated.According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, in the first 11 months of last year, the national online retail sales were 13957.1 billion yuan, a year -on -year increase of 11.0%.

  Find "store setting"

  The attractive attraction of interior and offline consumption has weakened, and competitors are still increasing.How does commercial complex "surprisingly win" in this fierce market competition?

  Li Sheng school believes that commercial complexes should be differentiated to build a personalized business.If each shopping mall has its own positioning and characteristics, there is sufficient consumer support behind it, and the number is large, but it will form a "scale effect" and become a new landmark of urban consumption with cross -regional attraction.

  Take the Hangzhou Wulin Business Circle, which is gathered in the mall, as an example.The center of the country, the National Congress Plaza, and the combination of online and offline martial arts Intime.

  Judging from the scene, the Hangzhou Center also avoided the other four areas that are good at and follow the trend of art.

  Entering the center of Hangzhou, the artistic atmosphere rushed to face.The eight -claw fish, colorful "cells", huge pink donuts in the sky are standing upside down ... one by one with individual art designs has caused past consumers to stay."Unlike shopping, it's more like shopping museums!" A consumer was amazed.

  Hangzhou Center has set up a "Central Art Museum" on the third floor for exhibition of art works.The art museum officially opened to the public on December 22, 2023, and set up the opening of the museum "Qi Hang" on that day.

  According to Wang Yan, the director of the Hangzhou Center Art Museum, the opening exhibition "Qi Hang" is a contemporary exploration and experiment created by modern new business and art.Focus on the art production model in the context of diversified consumption, and encourage artists to explore the new consumer models of new commercialization and art in the in -depth thinking of the new consumption era and cultural and artistic innovation.

  Business management expert Wang Qi Lei believes that with the succession and opening of projects such as Hangzhou Center, Hang Lung Square, etc., the martial arts business district will attract more citizens and tourists from all over the country to punch in for consumption.

  In addition to building "store setting", constantly introducing new consumer formats and creating freshness for consumers is also a strategy for differentiated operations."For example, to build the first store economy, that is, attracting domestic and foreign brands to open a store for the first time in the complex, which can make curious consumers coming, driving the store's passenger flow and sales." Li Sheng school said.

  The quantity and quality of the first store have indeed become the confidence of the composite competition for the passenger flow.During the National Day holiday last year, the first store of the 20 new stores in Wenzhou Vientiane City made a debut, which triggered a wave of punch -in. The passenger flow increased by 8%year -on -year and the retail sales increased by 10%year -on -year.The first store of the Eight -Bai of Jiaxing has been released together, driving a daily average passenger flow and a year -on -year double -digit growth.

  Of course, the number of commercial complexes of each area section based on urban energy levels can be used to avoid the homogeneous competition of the complex from the source.

  Xiao Liang believes that in the core area, it is necessary to create a landmark urban -level business district with a reputation and national influence.In the landmark business district, the degree of agglomeration of commercial complexes is higher. Generally, one or two comprehensive large commercial complexes, commercial complexes or shopping centers with outstanding theme characteristics, and some department store supermarkets and commercial streets.Form a urban -level business district ecosystem that uses the mid -to -high end as a faucet, a clear level, and an orderly connection."Cities like Hangzhou have strong population attractive population, especially in recent years, they are still being established in international consumer center cities.

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