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TheFirst-line information website Central Financial Work Conference emphasized that it is necessary to steadily expand the institutional openness of the financial sector and enhance the facilitation of cross -border investment and financing; comprehensively strengthen financial supervision and effectively prevent and resolve financial risks.In order to implement the spirit of the Central Financial Work Conference, better promote the facilitation of cross -border trade and investment and financing, and prevent the risk of cross -border capital flows. Recently, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange"Administrative Measures for Foreign Exchange Industry (Trial)"(Announcement of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange2023Year1No., hereinafter referred to as the "Exhibition Industry Measures"), promote the reconstruction of foreign exchange business processes of commercial banks, and further enhance the ability of the foreign exchange exhibition industry in the bank."Exhibition Industry Measures" in2024Year1moon1From time to time.

"Exhibition Industry Measures" a total of 6 chapters34The main content includes:One isThe banks that clarify the "Exhibition Industry Measures" must follow the principles of comprehensiveness, effectiveness, and consistency, and establish a sound and effectively implementing control system for the foreign exchange exhibition industry.two isRequire bank implementation"Understand the customer"responsibility.Banks should respond to customers to conduct necessary due diligence and dynamic updates.Support banks to classify customer categories in accordance with their own risk management requirements.Three isClarify the differentiated review measures of foreign exchange business.For a class of customers, banks can handle foreign exchange business based on customer instructions; for second -class customers, banks should insist on"Risk -based"and"Essentially more important than form"According to the principles, foreign exchange business review; for three types of customers, banks should strengthen review measures according to risk conditions.Four isStrengthen foreign exchange risk trading monitoring and report.The bank is required to establish a compliance risk monitoring and analysis mechanism, report to foreign exchange risk transactions in a timely manner, and take corresponding control measures as appropriate.Five isclear"Dedication"in principle.If banks can prove that they have diligently responsible for the foreign exchange exhibition industry, they will not investigate relevant legal responsibilities.It is important to emphasize that banks can voluntarily choose to apply the "Exhibition Industry Measures" model to conduct foreign exchange exhibition industry. If the "Exhibition Industry Measures" model is not selected, the foreign exchange exhibition industry is performed in accordance with the original relevant foreign exchange management laws and regulations, which is not affected.

The State Administration of Foreign Exchange has undergone extensive investigations and prudent trials to form the "Exhibition Industry Measures" and in2023Year11Monthly solicited opinions.After full research and demonstration, most opinions have been absorbed and adopted, and the specific opinions adopted the situationSee "<<<<Administrative Measures for the Foreign Exchange Industry of the Bank (Trial) (Draft for Soliciting Opinions)"Feedback of Public Opinions.Combined with the issues that are widespread in public opinion and suggestions, released simultaneously"<Banking Foreign Exchange Exchange Industry Management Measures (Trial)> Policies Questions and Answers"Essence

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