2023 Global Top Ten Project Achievements Release

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Original title: 2023 Thereal time news website top ten projects in the world

2023 Global Top Ten Project Achievements Release

Today (December 20), the Chinese Academy of Engineering and other units released the 2023 global top ten engineering achievements in Beijing and the "Global Engineering Frontier 2023" report.

The top ten global projects released this time include: CHATGPT, China Space Station, Ten billion -dollar Super Computer, Baihetan Hydropower Station, Double Planet Reset Test, RTS, S/AS01 malaria vaccine, Hongmeng operating system, Spot & AtlasRobots, lithium -ion power batteries, unmanned aircraft.

The report of "Global Engineering Forefrity 2023" mainly focuses on mechanical and carrier engineering, information and electronic engineering, chemical, metallurgy and material engineering, energy and mining engineering, civilian, water conservancy and construction engineering, environment and light textile projects, agriculture, medical, health and engineeringManage 9 areas, and a total of 93 project research cutting edges and 94 project development cutting edges.

The report pointed out that in 2023, the frontier of the global engineering shows three characteristics:

The first is the continuous evolution of emerging frontiers.The new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial changes have developed. Robots, large models, quantum chips, synthetic biology, pan -based groups and other emerging technologies have continued to break through, providing new kinetic energy for global technology and industrial innovation.

The second is cross -cutting innovation.The cross -integration of disciplines continues to advance, and new technologies such as artificial intelligence, robots, and renewable energy accelerate have accelerated the integration of infiltration towards various fields and moved towards intelligent, unmanned, precise, and low -carbonization, which has spawned a new model of global technology and industrial innovation.

The third is the in -depth development of the frontier.Drive by application scenarios to solve complex problems, multi -target collaboration and multi -dimensional consideration, coordinate local and overall, ontology and environment, quantity and quality, quality and efficiency, and expand a new pattern of global technology and industrial innovation.

Since 2017, the Chinese Academy of Engineering has organized a cutting -edge research project of global engineering each year. Relying on the 9th Studies Department of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the "Engineering" series of journal research teams in the Chinese Academy of Engineering, it has studied and released nearly 100 global engineering research cutting -edge and engineering development cutting edges of that year.The frontier report of the global engineering of Chinese and English, in order to play an academic leading role and guide engineering technology and industrial innovation and development.

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